Unlimited license without complicated license management

Data can be deleted in the company's personal computer without restriction on the number of times, number of times, and number of units

DiskDeleter unlimited version series can be used without license management

License management of data deletion software is very troublesome work for the information system department. You must always manage who used the license, and if you do not have enough licenses you must purchase additional. Also, if you purchase it, you will need internal approval, it will take time and effort. With DiskDeleter unlimited license version, such troublesome license management is unnecessary and it is possible to delete any number of units.

Unlimited when deleting external media such as USB memory

Normally deleted licenses are licensed every time you delete one time. Even if it is external media other than internal HDD. Therefore, considering the remaining number of licenses, deletion work such as “USB memory” and “SD card” will be postponed, there is a risk of information leakage from there.

License management is unnecessary if it is within the same site

If you are using the same base (the same corporate and the same geographically located business establishment), you can use it with unlimited number of licenses.

When replacing a PC with a company that is deployed nationwide, it is possible to drastically reduce the cost of deletion by consolidating PCs to be deleted in one location. (However, since the transportation cost for moving the PC will be charged, please select the one with lower cost by comparing the transportation fee and license fee.)

A large number of domestic companies and the introduction results in government offices

DiskDeleter highly appreciates “unlimited licensing” as well as product performance, we have introduced numerous in central government agencies, local governments, educational institutions, etc., mainly for domestic major companies .