About DiskDeleter annual support service

You can use it with confidence with low price guarantee service.

Annual support service overview

Annual support service has “Technical support ($30 per year / one)” and “Hardware support ($20 per year/ one)”.

No support purchase Technical support Hardware support
Price --- $30 per year
(Purchase for the number of possession is indispensable)
$20 per year
(Per USB memory)
Program update
Technical inquiries × ×
Analysis for trouble occurrence × ×
Free replacement of USB memory × × ◎(Once a year)

* The update program is subject to minor update.
(Major version up will be excluded)
※ When trouble occurs, we will respond promptly with higher priority, but depending on the symptoms it may take time to adjust with the developer.
* Depending on model and phenomenon, it may not be solved.
* Free replacement of USB memory will be done once a year, except for initial malfunction./p>

About annual support service purchase method

Please refer to “About DiskDeleter purchase method” for application of annual support service.

Annual support service can be purchased at the time of purchase of DiskDeleter or one month after the purchase month as the base day.

  • The annual support service is an optional contract.
  • Annual support service requires purchase for every USB memory.
    If you purchase a kit you will need to purchase two pieces.
    In the case of annual technical support, purchase for the number of possession is required, so please inquire in advance.
  • Even if the annual support service expires, there will be a grace period for renewal for one month.
Annual support service usage rules

BluestSoft, inc (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) is aimed at customers for products specified in the “Annual Support Certificate” to “Customer Service” (hereinafter referred to as “the Service” ).

1. Contents of this service

This service is one of the support service menus that we provide and is a service that provides answers according to the method selected by our company in response to inquiries from those who registered at the time of user registration.

(1) This service includes the items listed below.
【Technical Support】
· Answer to inquiries about target product setup, operation method, product function
· Answering to inquiries concerning troubles during product use

[Hardware support]
· Free replacement when the USB memory body physically fails (once a year except initial failure)

(2) The items listed below are not included in this service.
· Matters concerning use under environments other than the operating environment specified by the Company
· Matters concerning products other than our products (including questions on operating the OS)
· Confirmation and verification of compatibility with other company’s products
· Answers to inquiries regarding product malfunctions caused by deliberate, negligent or inappropriate use
· Answer to inquiries concerning malfunction of products caused by natural disasters, etc.
· Answers to inquiries to other than the window set up by the Company
· Acceptance and inquiries of inquiries other than the reception hours specified by the Company
· Business trip support, carry-in support
· Answers to inquiries in languages ​​other than Japanese

(3) Window of this service and reception hours are as follows.
Primary support reception of this product is only from mail or the inquiry form dedicated to purchaser. Depending on the content of your inquiry we will respond by phone or email from us.

Responses from our company will be carried out in order from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays, designated holidays on our company) by prioritizing them.

2. Fees for this service
We will not refund the service fee even if the customer is terminated this service in the middle of the period.

3. Cooperation
If we need to investigate the cause of the matter inquired from the customer, the customer can cooperate with us as much as possible.

4. Warranty and responsibility
(1) Our maintenance service is provided to customers as advice to the customer and does not supplement, change or modify our responsibility as prescribed in “Software License Agreement”. Whether or not to adopt our answer depends on the judgment of the customer himself and the Company guarantees that our answer will solve the matter inquired by the customer or will conform to the customer’s specific purpose No.
(2) We do not assume any responsibility for lost profits, data loss, derivation, or indirect damage caused by the use of our maintenance service.
(3) The responsibility of the Company shall not exceed the standard price of the target product in any case.

5. Term of this service
The applicable period of this service shall be as set forth in “Annual Support Certificate”.

6. Termination in the middle of the term of this service
In the event of any of the following, we can terminate this service in the middle of the period without obtaining customer consent.

· When the customer is violated this provision
· Customer neglects payment to us

7. Change of support service
We will determine the terms, conditions, terms and conditions regarding support services in this provision.
The contents of this regulation may be changed without notice.

More than (revised March 1, 2018)