DiskDeleter KIT

Unlimited license $1,380 per unit

DiskDeleter Kit a comprehensive solution for all the devices with the best cost-performance

DiskDeleter kit consists of

  1. DiskDeleter UX Unlimited version (standard price: $780)
  2. DiskDeleter TX unlimited version (standard price: $780)
  3. DiskDeleter dedicated cable (standard price: $140)

If you have PCs and Tablets to erase, DiskDeleter Kits is the best solution.It covers all the devices and erase efficiently.The set price of $1,380 is a discount price, offering the best cost – performance.

* If you use DiskDeleter for providing processing services to third parties, you need to purchase “Commercial license“.

Secure Erase with dedicated cable

Certain disks have a set of built-in Secure or Extended Secure Erase Commands, which sanitize the disk to factory setting.  However, Windows OS 8 or later versions does not allow this operation with Serial ATA connected SSD.

This is where DiskDeleter’s dedicated cable comes in.  Using the DiskDeleter dedicated cable included in the Kit, you can erase / sanitize Serial ATA connected SSD.

DiskDeleter "Kit" the best cost performance

DiskDeleter Kit delete data from all the disks; from old PC / AT compatible devices, Windows tablets, server machine to the latest model devices.  With the unlimited license we offer, you can erase unlimited number of devices in your office location.