DiskDeleter KIT

Unlimited license $1,380 per unit

The set model DiskDeleter kit corresponding to all equipment

DiskDeleter kit,

    • DiskDeleter UX Unlimited version (standard price: $780)
    • DiskDeleter TX unlimited version (standard price: $780)
    • DiskDeleter dedicated cable (standard price: $140)

It is a great set model to which the above three products are bundled.
By using DiskDeleter properly according to the model, data can be deleted for all models.

* Please be aware that “Commercial license” is required to perform the deletion service using DiskDeleter.

Execute Secure Erase / Enhanced Secure Erase with dedicated cable

Secure Erase and Extended Secure Erase data deletion commands for deleting data basically for the disk are basically built in the disk, and by executing the command, the data inside the SSD can be reliably restored to an unrecoverable state It is possible to. However, with OS 8 or later, Secure Erase can not be performed on Serial ATA connected SSD due to OS specification (restriction).

Even in that case, if it is a DiskDeleter, it is possible to reliably delete data by executing Secure Erase or Extended Secure Erase on the SSD by using a dedicated cable.

DiskDeleter "Kit" high cost performance in history

With the DiskDeleter kit, it is possible to reliably delete data from an old PC / AT compatible machine to the latest PC,
Windows tablet, server machine, etc. for a wide range of models.
Since licensing is of course unlimited, you can use it for a limited period, number of machines, and no limit.