Need to try DiskDeleter before a purchase decision?

“Who want to check whether data on the server machine or personal computer can be deleted normally”“Who want to check which model is best for your company”“Who want to check how simple the operation is”“Who want to check deletion processing speed”“Who want to compare with other companies’ products”“Who wants to use what product first”

We offer a free trial opportunity to qualified corporate and institutional customers.

[Please note, certain preparation will be necessary for DiskDeleter trial]
* To boot a PC with DiskDeleter USB, the boot order needs to be changed to UEFI or BIOS.
* When you start DiskDeleter, it is not necessary to cancel “Secure Boot”.
* When you erase data in a notebook PC, its power cable needs to be connected.
* If you erase a RAID configured disk, you may need a driver for the RAID controller.
* For disks with RAID configuration, please set them to “JBOD mode”, or extract the disk and connect it as an external disk.

If interested in this free evaluation program and accept the following terms, please contact our official partner, Official Partner (HAGIWARA SYS – COM US CO., LTD.) at [ ].

    1. The free trial period is about one week.
    2. After the trial period is over, you need to return the trial product.  The two-way shipping charge from and to our office is customer’s responsibility.
    3. Our Official Partner (HAGIWARA SYS – COM US CO., LTD.) will qualify a free trial application and communicate with you.
DiskDeleter Free Evaluation Version Application Form

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