The DiskDeleter unlimited version series is basically a product that assumes to delete data of PCs and server equipment etc managed within our company, so we will use external (third party) PC and server equipment “Commercial license” is necessary when deleting.

Case where commercial license is applied

Commercial license is a license applied when DiskDeleter is used to perform a deletion service and costs are incurred under the name of “deletion work cost” etc.
However, for the following industries, you will need to purchase a commercial license even if you do a removal service by a free service.

    1. Companies that are renting or leasing personal computers
    2. Companies that purchase and sell second-hand PCs, HDDs

* When deleting business PCs etc. in-house, commercial license is unnecessary.

Case where commercial license is not applied

Commercial licenses are not applicable to cases like the following, you can purchase at regular price.

      When a company managing infrastructure of a group company freely deleted data of PC / server of a group company as part of work.


Product Name Price
DiskDeleter Commercial license $3,980 / year
DiskDeleter Commercial license Additional USB memory $1,000 / year
Commercial license Annual maintenance service $1,000 / year
    1. * As a commercial license, one USB memory of “DiskDeleter UX” “DiskDeleter TX” is attached, and a dedicated cable for fast deletion of external SSD is attached.
    2. * Commercial license is renewal license for 1 year.
      Since the expiration date is set in the program, you will need to purchase a commercial license again when you continue to use it.
    3. * Within the expiration date, you can use unlimited number of deletion, without limitation of number.
    4. * Annual maintenance service is optional contract.